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Published On : 17-08-2021

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Pastoral Care For Students

The school is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of all the students in its area. Our staff is very approachable and they ensure that the students are aware of the fact that their teachers are there to offer help or advice at any time


Parent's Portal in Academics

Parents access all academic and social information about their children at any time and give suggestion at anything they need academically through our Online Academic System, You can Login Here to See more about your Students.


Learning through Practicals

We offer a practical education so as to rise up future scientists through our well-equipped biology, physics and chemistry laboratories, accompanied by project rooms. In addition to theoretical knowledge, students get real practice


Innovation and Technology

Innovation being our priority, our Information and Communication Technology (ICT) learning is offered in a modern and well-equipped computer room(s). Also we support them in different extra carriculum activities which motivates their skills.

Ongoing School's Events and Projects


May 16, 2020

Library research on Effects of E-learning

Student engages in researching on different matters academically and comes out with findings which helps the societies ...


June 16, 2020

Real life Skills Learning for Student

Physical exercises on walking and other external activities exposes students to the external world and environments...


July 16, 2021

Offer ! Free Pre Form One Course

We are intersted on helping the youth generation mentally and academically on helping them instead of being home in the next short holiday.


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